• Phone : (012) 561-50-37 // (070) 361-50-37
  • Opening Time : 08:00-18:00
  • Address : Baku, Narimanov, A. Geraybeyli 23b.
Our classrooms

Our colorful classrooms are divided into carefully planned interest areas. Classrooms are filled with bright, warm and primary colors and a variety of learning materials for children to manipulate, explore, snuggle, play, and share. Classrooms are especially designed with high quality and purpose furniture, fixtures and equipment that allow to ease movement and flexibility in learning varied activities.

The classrooms receive natural light and each classroom has an air conditioner and a heater for regulating temperature during different seasons.

All our classrooms are equipped with personal computers for the teachers, TV monitors or interactive white boards so that children can get to grips with pre-writing skills, play math games and explore technology. Children are exposed to Information and Communication Technology from an early age. These ICT facilities enable to create a sense of interest in children as they see and learn.

Activity room

The activity rooms are designed to make learning more fun and exciting. Children love these rooms as they have many toys and educational games. The concept of the activity rooms  is about learning through play in a totally different environment. All games are conducted as a part of the planned educational program.

Music and dance room

We have well-equipped music and dance rooms where children are encouraged to discover and develop their talents. Children learn different skills like rhythm, flexibility, coordination and expression. They participate in composing, moving and appreciating a range of dance styles.

Computer lab

Our computer lab is filled with educational programs and games to keep your child stimulated while exploring technology. They will learn basic computer skills while practicing number recognition, letter sounds, and science concepts, just to name a few.

In computer lab, students will learn the six major parts of the computer: monitor, keyboard, tower, mouse, hard drive and printer. In addition, our students will learn mouse control by pointing, clicking and dragging. They will learn to type their name, date and simple sentences.

They will develop advanced cognitive skills as well as interaction skills with the help of technology inside computer lab.

Science lab

Our science lab is equipped with (cience materials (magnets, magnifying glasses, scales with objects to weigh), sensory materials, modeling materials, blocks, puzzles, construction toys and etc.

Science activities and experiments have brought joy in learning over the past couple years! Our science activities and experiments are great for short attention spans. They are almost always hands-on, visually engaging, and filled with play opportunities. Not only are these preschool science experiments and awesome introduction to higher learning concepts, they spark curiosity. They help your children develop questions, problem solve, and find answers.

Our Partners

We work closely with our partners. Our partners always support us to do our work better.

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